Excel shortcuts that can save you much time at work

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to tell you some excel shortcuts that you can use while at work. These shortcuts can help you save time and also increase your efficiency.

Here are these:

  1. To Open a new Workbook: Ctrl+N
  2. To Open an existing workbook: Cltr+O
  3. To save a workbook: Cltr+S
  4. To open Save As Dialog Box: F12
  5. To close a Workbook: Cltr+W
  6. To close Excel: Cltr+F4
  7. To insert a new Worksheet: Shift+F11
  8. To Undo an action: Cltr+Z
  9. To Redo an action: Cltr+Y
  10. To check Spelling: F7
  11. To switch between worksheet tabs to right: Cltr+ PgDn
  12. To switch between worksheet tabs to left: Cltr+ PgUp
  13. To open Help Pane: F1
  14. To check and Debug Formulas: F9
  15. To expand or collapse Formula Bar: Cltr+Shift+U
  16. Create a bar chart based on selected data in seperate sheet: F11
  17. Create an embedded bar Chart based on selected data in same sheet: Alt+F1
  18. To move to beginning of the Sheet: Cltr+ Home
  19. Go to leftmost cell in current row: Home
  20. Go to any cell: F5
  21. Select entire row: Shift+Space
  22. Select Entire column: Cltr+Space
  23. Select Entire Sheet: Cltr+Shift+Space
  24. Edit a cell: F2
  25. Cancel an entry inside a cell or Escape from a cell: Esc
  26. Delete content of selected cells: Delete
  27. Formatting content to make it Bold: Cltr+B
  28. Formatting content to make it Italic: Cltr+I
  29. Adding Border to selected cells: Alt+H+B
  30. Hide selected rows: Cltr+9
  31. Hide selected columns: Cltr+0
  32. To unhide rows: Cltr+Shift+9
  33. To unhide columns (By default only in Windows 7 & 8): Cltr+Shift+0

Hope you all find these shortcuts helpful. Do submit feedback.

Keep Learning :)



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